Looking for more $$? Maybe your independent insurance agent can help.

Almost everything I read this weekend points to the economy NOT getting any better. We are all looking for ways to cut expenses and get better value. Have you thought about speaking to your independent insurance agent?  

There are few things your agent to do to help you.  

1) Raise your auto deductibles.  Instead of $100 comprehensive/$250 (or lower) collision, raise them to $500/$500.  The change might be worth a couple of hundred dollars to you.

2) Are you aware of the discounts that are available to you? For example, if your children attend college over 100 miles from where you live-most times, that is a discount.  

3)  Did your new drivers (read teenagers) take a state approved driver safety class prior to taking the driving exam?  That is a discount!

4) Are your kids B+ or better students?  A large number of companies offer a good student discount (either high school or college).

5) Are you over 55 and have taken a driver safety course?  That maybe worth some money to you as well. 

6) Taking a look a your homeowners/condo/renters policy-companies almost offer a package discount (auto and homeowners written within one company), additionally there credits for having a central station alarm, smoke alarm, deadbolts and having a fire extinguisher on the premises.

The point is, if you have a relationship with your agent and you’re looking to save some money, go have a chat.  They may be able to help.  And if they can’t help or perhaps you aren’t working with an independent agent (like me), call one.

DISCLAIMER-The discounts I’m discussing are based on the experience I have with the companies I work with.  Discounts can vary greatly from company to company.

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