Basic Information about Medicare

2 types of US Residents qualify for Medicare. Turning 65 is called aging in. Or someone who has been receiving disability payments for 24 months.

There are 4 parts to Medicare. Most people have only heard about parts A, B and D. There is also a Part C. We’ll talk about that shortly.

Original Medicare

Costs are per individual, not per couple or family.

  • Part A is hospitalization and for is paid for completely after a person has worked for 40 quarters (10 years). If a person needs to “buy in” to part A, that is possible. The cost varies from year to year.
  • Part B covers doctors. Unless a person qualifies for Medicaid (combination of state and federal aid) then everyone pays the Part B premium. This cost varies by income and is billed monthly. The premium maybe taken out of your social security check.
  • Part D is Prescription Drug Coverage. This is administered by private insurance companies and varies in cost and level of coverage. If someone has either a Medicare Supplement plan or Original Medicare and they need prescription Drug coverage a Stand Alone Part D plan must be purchased.
  • Medicare Care Advantage Plans are known as Part C. These plans include coverage for Medicare Parts A, B, and D. There are multiple insurance carriers offering these plans. A number of them offer Zero premium plans which means there is not cost to be a part of that plan. However, the beneficiary must continue to pay the Part B Premium.



If you do not sign up for Medicare Parts B and D when you are eligible, there are lifetime monetary penalties.

Advantages to signing up for either a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan

There are supplemental benefits offered such as Health Club Memberships, Medical non emergency transportation, over the counter drug store benefits, Vison, dental, hearing aid benefits are just a few of the things offered by various private health insurance companies.

As a potential recipient of Medicare you are most likely receiving a reams of paper from companies offering all sorts of Medicare products, insisting they are the “right company for you”.
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