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Some Info about Medicare/Medigap Policies

Here is some information regarding Medicare Supplemental policies. It is excerpted from a blog from another insurance agent, R. Daniel Williams Jr. He's an agent from PA.  Good info to have expecially since we are in an open enrollment period for 2011-12 medical year. Using Medicare is an excellent way to be able to afford…
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Looking for more $$? Maybe your independent insurance agent can help.

Almost everything I read this weekend points to the economy NOT getting any better. We are all looking for ways to cut expenses and get better value. Have you thought about speaking to your independent insurance agent?   There are few things your agent to do to help you.   1) Raise your auto deductibles.  Instead of…
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Why an Independent Insurance Agent?

Lately it seems that we are overwhelmed with commercials for all kinds companies looking for your hard earned dollars to cover your auto, home, and everything else.  The common thread is that if you buy a policy, you save  may money!  They only have one company to place you with...theirs!  It's a one size fits all…
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Employers Practice Liability Insurance…Live it, Learn it…GET IT

Hi again, When it comes to insurance for your business, it can be a mine field. That's one of the reasons you want to make sure you do business with an insurance agent. My personal preference...use an independent agent (yes, like me!) to assist you in making insurance related decisions. One of the coverages you…
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